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Safety & Security

The protection of your child is Ladybirds first priority. We have an environment in which children are safe from abuse. Any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We comply with the procedures approved by the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children's Board (HSCB).

Millie’s Mark is the gold standard in paediatric first aid for childcare providers. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines, which childcare settings in England are required to follow, currently state that just one person with a current paediatric first aid certificate must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present or on outings. Ladybirds Nursery is proud to have been awarded Millie's Mark as a nursery that goes above and beyond these minimum requirements. Ladybirds has 100% of staff trained in paediatric first aid, and ensures that knowledge and practice is kept alive and in the forefront of practitioners’ minds so that they are confident, ready and capable.


When completing your registration form you are required to nominate two ‘authorised’ people who could collect your child if you were unable. It is imperative that you notify us immediately if any changes occur or an ‘authorised’ person is deleted or added. On the rare occasion that you require another adult to collect your child we will expect them to produce a password that you have given us in advance.


Evacuation drills are carried out on a regular basis (including Fire, Lockdown etc). We have a CCTV system installed, incorporating 24-hour recording, to allow staff to monitor all visitors to the Nursery and includes external views and a separate video door entry system to ensure that only authorised people are granted access into the building.

In addition, a second secure door will only open when the outer door is shut. This is opened by a member of staff’s fob and allows access to the children’s rooms.

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