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Age range: 3 to 18 months


Doves has a maximum of 9 babies cared for by 3 staff. A homely, caring and stimulating environment is enhanced by a separate sleep room. Children sleep and have meals in line with their routine at home. The babies regularly visit the adjacent parkland and benefit from the fresh air.



Age range: 19 months to 2+ years


In Starlings, the toddler room, early friendships are forming. The children enjoy a wide variety of activities particularly those that awaken their senses. Children sleep in the room after lunch for as long as they need. Starlings explore Highfield Park daily wearing reins.



Kingfishers & Fun Focus

Age range: 2 to 3+ years


Kingfisher children can attend all day or just the afternoon. There is an option to attend term time only. Stories, music and imaginative play really help develop a child's listening, understanding and communication. They explore the parkland twice a day.

Ladybirds Rooms


Pre school

Age range: 3 to 5 years

Pre school children proudly wear their yellow Ladybirds uniform. They develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills whilst learning to work collaboratively. Children all turn 4 in this academic year. Traditional skills such as phonics, maths and handwriting are taught alongside cooking, yoga and music. Children thrive immersing themselves in daily 'forest school' activities in the park. Children transition to school with a 'can do' attitude and a love of learning.

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