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Labybirds: Pre school

The pre school team is led by two experienced early years teachers.  Our approach is based on children having fun in a structured, organised and supportive environment.  Children are offered a broad and balanced curriculum both indoors and outdoors based on the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum.  All pre school children attend each morning during term time.  Optional wrap around care is available until 4pm or 6pm and across school holidays. 

We operate a ‘keyworker’ approach where a designated member of staff is the bridge between nursery and home.  They oversee your child’s learning as well as their emotional, social and physical wellbeing.  Strong bonds are established which help a child’s self-confidence to grow.  The key worker helps your child develop budding friendships which flourish across the pre school year.

The pre school room is flooded with natural light and subdivided into learning zones.  Each session begins with whole class carpet time led by one of the teachers.  New knowledge and concepts are introduced and practised.  Children love to ‘choose’ fun and interactive activities which spark their curiosity and promote an eagerness to learn.  Groupings are flexible with each child belonging to a small key group as well as working in pairs, 1:1 with a teacher or as part of a class. 

Outdoor activities are a core part of Ladybirds Nursery.  The garden is adjacent to the pre school room so children can access it freely.  Imaginations run freely in the rocket and caravan as journeys and adventures are planned.   The mud kitchen is a firm favourite where the children love mixing potions, digging for worms and filling/emptying containers. 


Highfield Park offers endless opportunities for learning and adventure.  The pre school visit here each morning exploring a variety of destinations such as the maze, woods and boules area.  Forest school activities run every afternoon from 1pm offering extended play opportunities in the parkland.  These typically involve tree climbing, mud painting, den building, making fairy/dragon castles and much more.

Parents are closely involved in their child’s learning.  Keyworkers are skilled at taking observations, photographs and videos to chart children’s progress.  These are uploaded to an online learning journal for parents to log on securely.  Occasionally a child may have special educational needs and require an individual support plan. Verbal feedback is given daily and supplemented with two consultations evenings per year.  A newsletter is distributed each half term outlining the learning theme and providing suggestions for how you can support learning at home.

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