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Our Fees


Doves & Starlings

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Kingfisher / Fun Focus

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Pre school

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15 hours Free Entitlement *


All children who turn 3 become eligible for 15 hours ‘free entitlement’ (taken across a minimum of 3 days) 38 weeks per year. The entitlement is deducted directly from your fees. Children are required to take up the full 15 hours. In Pre school this means three of the morning sessions are free in term time. In fun focus this means the afternoons are free, either 1-4pm 5 days per week or 1-6pm 3 days a week (in term-time).


30 hours Free Entitlement **


If you are eligible for the additional 15 hours (30 hours in total) you will need to provide us with a code from HMRC to allow us to deduct this from your fees.  In Pre school this means all of the morning sessions and one full afternoon are free in term time. In Fun focus this means all of the afternoons and one morning is free during term time.


  • ‘Free entitlement’ is based on 38 weeks (term-time) and applicable from the 1st of September, 1st January or 1st April after your child has turned 3

  • 10% discount is given to children attending 8am – 6pm year round

  • Holiday club sessions available

  • Any extra sessions requested will be charged at an additional 7.5% to the above prices which must be paid for in advance

  • Fees are payable in advance.  As per our terms and conditions payment is due between the 1st and 7th of the month.  A surcharge of 10% is levied for payment more than 14 days late

  • Late collection of your child will result in a surcharge of £10 per 15 minutes

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