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Ladybirds: Kingfishers & Fun Focus

The Kingfisher session is 8am – 1pm, Fun Focus session 1pm-4pm with optional care until 6pm.  These sessions offer opportunities for children to mix with others of a similar age whilst learning to share and play co-operatively. There is a high staff ratio with a minimum of one adult for every four 2 year olds. Differentiated, fun activities are planned from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which stimulate all children whatever their aptitude. Cornflour, shaving foam, mud and jelly are frequently used resources alongside the more traditional paint and glue – all offer children the chance to explore, get messy and hone their senses.


Language is developing rapidly at this age and daily activities such as story and song bag times support children’s understanding and ability to listen. We inspire their imaginations and encourage them to dress up and enjoy role play which mirrors the world around them and teaches them how to behave in social situations.


Outdoor activities are a core part of Ladybirds nursery. The rocket and caravan in the garden stimulate children to work together to plan journeys and adventures.   The mud kitchen is a firm favourite where the children love mixing potions, digging for worms and filling/emptying containers. 


Highfield Park offers endless opportunities for learning and adventure.  Twice a day the children explore a variety of destinations such as the maze, woods, rose gardens and boules area.  Here they can run freely, play energetic racing and chasing games as well as observe nature at first hand. The outdoor environment provides rich opportunities for teaching and learning; ‘painting’ with sticks in the mud or ‘washing’ the fence with large decorating brushes develop muscles in the arm and hand that help ultimately to control a pencil.


We provide breakfast, cow’s milk and healthy snacks across the day. Lunch and tea you provide, the latter we can heat and serve. We have the highest level 5 food hygiene rating from Environmental Health. The children sit around a table together so the social aspects of meal times can be reiterated and good manners emphasised.


We work closely with parents on individual sleep routines as children gradually drop their nap after lunch. For those still sleeping, individual mini bed mats are made up with bedding you provide from home to aid familiarity and relaxation. Children sleep for as long as they need to ensure their batteries are recharged for the afternoon. Potties and small toilets are available for children who are ready to start toilet training.


We operate a ‘keyworker’ approach where a designated member of staff is the bridge between nursery and home.  They oversee your child’s learning as well as their emotional, social and physical wellbeing.  Strong bonds are established with the family which helps the toddler settle and self-confidence develop.  Keyworkers are skilled at taking observations, photographs and videos to chart children’s progress.  These are uploaded to an online learning journal for parents to log on securely. 


Occasionally a child may have special needs and require an individual support plan. Verbal feedback is given daily supplemented with two consultations evenings per year.  A newsletter is distributed every 6-8 weeks outlining the learning theme across the whole nursery and provides suggestions for how you can support learning at home.

All children qualify for 15 hours free early education per week in term-time (the term after their 3rd birthday), some may qualify for 30 hours free. Ask us for further details. Attendance can be year round or term-time only. A different attendance pattern can occur in the holidays to term-time.

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