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Terms & Conditions

1. Obligations of Ladybirds Nursery Ltd.


Ladybirds shall:

  • Make available suitable premises and staff.

  • Ensure that such premises comply with all relevant legal requirements.  

  • Devise and implement an Educational Programme. 

  • Ensure that the Nursery will open between 8.00am and 6:00 pm Monday to Friday except on public and bank holidays. The Nursery will open for a morning session on Christmas Eve or the last working day prior to Christmas Eve if it falls on a weekend day.

  • Inform Children’s Services and the Police if any member of Ladybirds personnel suspects a child to have been a victim of abusive behaviour.

  • Operate an equal opportunities admissions policy.

  • Reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time.  


2. Obligations of the parents/partners to


  • Complete the Ladybirds Nursery registration documents.

  • Produce an original copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.

  • Complete in a timely manner all Free Entitlement forms and to comply with the renewal process to maintain the entitlement. 

  • Disclose any applicable court order relating to custody or care arrangements.

  • Notify any change of contact details in writing to the Nursery within seven days of the effective date of change.

  • Inform the nursery if your child is absent. Notification must be made by telephone or email.

  • Notify the nursery of any future dates on which your child will not be attending the nursery.  

  • Notify Ladybirds Nursery in writing of illness.

  • Notify the nursery of any known allergy whether dietary, medicinal or to any material. 

  • Complete a medicine consent form if you require our staff to administer any medicines to your child.

  • Permit and hereby authorise Ladybirds personnel to arrange for your child to receive medical treatment in an emergency. 

  • Authorise Ladybirds Staff to administer on-site First Aid for minor injuries or symptoms.

  • Agree that your child must remain at home if they are suffering from any form of contagious disease.

  • Agree that your child must remain at home until common illnesses are no longer infectious.

  • Agree that your child must remain at home for 2 full days from the last bout of vomiting and/or diarrhoea. A period of one full day must elapse after the initial dose of any prescribed antibiotics.

  • Pay the required deposit, registration and attendance fees as set out in paragraph 4.

  • Ensure that a Parent or responsible adult will collect your child and vacate the nursery promptly at the end of the session and vacate the Nursery premises by 6pm.

  • Notify the Nursery of 2 Authorised Adults that are permitted to collect your child in the absence of a Parent.  

  • Agree to not employ or otherwise engage the services of any member of Nursery staff. Failure to agree will result in a payment being made that is equivalent to 20% of the relevant member of staff’s gross annual salary.

3. Children


  • Ladybirds Nursery may require the parent(s) to remove the child from the nursery if the child requires specialist care or medical attention which is not available or which is refused by the parents.

  • Ladybirds Nursery may require the parent(s) to remove the child from the nursery if the Nursery has good reason to believe that your child is ill or maybe suffering or has suffered from any contagious disease which presents a risk to children.  

  • The Principal(s) reserves the right to withdraw your child from the Nursery if the behaviour of your child is consistently aggressive or disruptive.  

  • The child is not permitted to bring cash or any other valuable objects onto Nursery premises.  

  • Your child must attend Nursery with suitable clothing for all seasonal weather conditions. Spare clothing should  also be provided when necessary. All clothing should be clearly labelled and placed in a drawstring bag (no rucksacks permitted).  The Nursery will not assume responsibility for any lost items in any circumstance. 

  • It is compulsory for all children in Pre-school to wear the Ladybirds uniform.    

  • Ladybirds Nursery will, on request, try to provide a place for the sibling of the child referred to below but it is under no obligation to do so.

  • Ladybirds Nursery will offer a place at its own discretion to children on the waiting list requiring a full-time place.  Places will be allocated giving priority to those children wishing to attend for 4 days, 3 days per week and so forth.

  • Ladybirds Nursery will allocate pre school places to children requiring the most care.  The Nursery maintains the right to offer places to children at their sole discretion.

4. Fees

  • All fees paid to Ladybirds Nursery whether they be a registration fee, attendance fees, ad hoc fees or otherwise are paid on a strict non-refundable basis.

  • A registration fee of £40 is payable to be placed on the waiting list.

  • A deposit is payable on confirmation of a place. This deposit is refunded when attendance fees have been fully paid and the required 7 weeks written notice has been given. This applies to children once attendance has commenced. 

  • The deposit for a full-time place is £600. Deposits for part-time place is £400.

  • Children attending Babybirds must attend year-round as must children attending Kingfisher/Fun Focus from the April after their 2nd birthday.

5. Payment         


  • Fees are charged monthly in advance. Payment must be made by standing order or childcare vouchers between the 1st and the 7th of the month.

  • Initial attendance fees must be paid before the child begins nursery.  

  • Fees are payable during periods of absence from the nursery, including sickness, holidays and during public and bank holidays and on occasions when the nursery may be closed due to events or circumstances beyond its control.

  • The nursery’s operational year runs from 1st September until 31st August.  

  • Attendance fees for children are calculated by a daily charge. The cumulative total is divided into equal monthly payments.

  • For children attending on a full-time basis a 10% discount will be applied. Full time is defined as year-round on a Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

  • The term after a child’s third birthday children receives a free fifteen-hour term time entitlement. This is applied to the three pre-school sessions (8am -1pm). 

  • Three-year-old children in Kingfisher/Fun Focus sessions qualify by attending 3 afternoons (1-6pm) or 5 afternoons (1-4pm). All children must undertake the full 15 hours.

  • The term after the child’s 3rd birthday children may be eligible to receive a free thirty-hour term time entitlement. This is applied to five pre-school sessions (8am -1pm) and one afternoon session. (1 – 6pm).  

  • The term after the child’s 3rd birthday children may be eligible to receive a free thirty hour term time entitlement. Three-year-old children in Kingfisher/Fun Focus sessions qualify by attending 5 afternoons (1-6pm) and one morning (8am-1pm). 

  • If a child qualifies, the free entitlement is credited on as a pro-rated monthly basis to the attendance fee.

  • Interest at the rate of 10% is payable on fees that are more than 10 days in arrears. An administration charge of £25 is payable in the event of failed or returned payments.

  • Fees remain payable in the event that your child does not attend the nursery. 

  • Where parents are late for collecting their child following a session a late charge is imposed of £10 per 15 minutes or part there of .

  • All fees will be reviewed annually.  Any change in fee structure will be notified to parents in writing with one month’s notice of any increase.

  • All payments must be received by the nursery between the 1st and the 7th of each applicable month. 

  • Ad hoc sessions are accommodated at the sole discretion of the nursery. These sessions must be paid fully in advance.

6. Liability


  • Ladybirds Nursery does not accept any liability for any financial or other subsequent loss suffered by the parent.

  • Ladybirds Nursery does not accept any liability due to events or circumstances which are outside of its control. The Nursery will not be under any obligation to provide alternative childcare facilities.

  • Ladybirds Nursery does not accept liability for accidental injury or loss of property. Ladybirds Nursery maintains the required insurance policies required by law. 

  • Any person utilising the car park does so entirely at their own risk. The Nursery will not accept responsibility for injury, damage or loss to visitors, vehicles or property.

  • Babysitting services are not provided by the Nursery. If you arrange babysitting which utilises a member of staff this is done entirely at your own risk and Ladybirds Nursery will not accept any liability issues.

  • Nursery staff are not permitted to bring children or take them home directly from the nursery.

7. Cancellation or Termination 

  • If a parent decides to pull out prior to the start date they forfeit the deposit.

  • If the parent(s) decides to reduce sessions prior to the agreed start date or within the first 6 months they will remain liable for the full original cost.

  • Parent(s) may withdraw a child from the nursery or change any session (subject to availability) by giving seven weeks notice. Failure to accord to this requirement will render the parent liable for fees equivalent to seven weeks of attendance. 

  • Ladybirds Nursery shall have the right to terminate or vary this Agreement with immediate effect if such parent fails to pay fees within 14 days of the due date.

  • Ladybirds Nursery shall give the parent seven weeks notice if the child is requested to change sessions/days.

  • If a parent reduces sessions Ladybirds Nursery reserves the right to allocate the remaining days.

  • Any child attending fun focus must attend a minimum of three fun focus sessions per week in term-time. Children will increase their attendance to five morning sessions in their pre-school year (subject to availability).

  • Any child attending Babybirds must attend a minimum of two full days.

8. Definitions


  • The term Parent will also refer to a legally appointed Guardian.

  • The term Babybirds refers to babies and toddlers in the Doves and/or Starlings room.  

  • Fun focused and Kingfishers refers to any child turning 3 between the 1st September and 31st August.

  • The term Pre-school refers to any child turning 4 between 1st September and 31st August.

  • The term year-round refers to children who attend for 52 weeks.

  • The term full time refers to children who attend Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm across 52 weeks


I hereby agree to all the terms and conditions outlined above which relate to:



Child’s name_____________________________________




Signed _____________ ____________________________ (parent/carer 1)




Print Name___________________________________            Date_________________




Signed __________________________________________ (parent/carer 2)




Print Name___________________________________            Date_________________        




General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Policy



Ladybirds Nursery is committed to abide by The Data Protection Act 2018 is the UK' implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations replace the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.


These rights primarily confer the following to data subjects.


Right to be informed

Right of access

Right of rectification 

Right to be forgotten 

Right of portability

Right to restrict processing

Right to object

Rights related to automated decision-making including profiling



A full copy of Ladybirds Nursery GDPR Policy is available to download on our website.

I hereby agree to the lawful storage of personal data by the Nursery.

Child’s name_____________________________________

Signed _____________ ____________________________ (parent/carer 1)

Print Name___________________________________            Date_________________


Signed __________________________________________ (parent/carer 2)




Print Name___________________________________            Date_________________        

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